Public Water

In 2023, the KLA Group extended public water to Big Rock Drive as shown on the figure to the right.

The work was completed as part of the USEPA-approved remediation plan for the Landfill. Groundwater in this area is regularly monitored by the KLA Group for 1,4-Diethylene Dioxide (1,4-DD, also known as 1,4-dioxane). The approved remediation plan requires that municipal water be supplied to residents within a designated area, known as a "Groundwater Restricted Zone" or "GRZ.” The GRZ encompasses an area where a certain level of 1,4-DD has been detected, plus a one-thousand-foot downgradient buffer zone. Drinking water wells are generally prohibited in the GRZ pursuant to Kalamazoo County’s Sanitary Code.

Properties within the GRZ will be connected to the municipal water service, with the cost of the initial connection paid for by the KLA Group. In addition, properties outside the planned GRZ will be connected to public water if a drinking water well sample has any detections (at any level) of 1,4-DD and the property owner requests the connection.

For more information, contact the project team at (888) 625-4724.